Garment adhesive interlining processing process

Update:01 Feb 2019

What is a lining? The "liner" is a cloth sewn to the co […]

What is a lining? The "liner" is a cloth sewn to the collar, the shoulders of the clothes, the cuffs, and the inner side of the waistband. Its role is to set off the fabric, improve the performance of the garment, play a great role in the beautiful appearance of the garment, and promote the garment to have a perfect shape, which can make up for the insufficient performance of the fabric.
1. Mixing. The raw material is a package of powder, and different pastes are prepared according to different product models and proportions. Our company uses a mixer with a stir plate for better mixing and mixing uniformity.
2. Apply the powder to the machine and apply the prepared powder to the machine. And turn the machine on and modulate the data inside.
3. On the grey cloth machine, since the grey cloth is also a roll, the factory must first arrange the bad cloth, then unpack and then put it on the machine.
4. Baking, because the paste is prepared in proportion to water, and the paste is relatively viscous after being evenly scattered on the fabric by the loosening machine. So go through baking.
5. After cooling, the paste after drying is dried, but the temperature is still relatively high, so it should be cooled.
6. After winding, the finished lining after cooling can be wound up, so it is not easy to stick together.
7. Inspect the package. After rigorous inspection, the package is packaged.
8. Enter the warehouse and put the finished product into the warehouse according to the specification model.

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