How to use clothing lining

Update:01 Mar 2019

The application of garment lining makes the garment mor […]

The application of garment lining makes the garment more versatile. The combination of clothing and lining has many requirements. Different fabrics should use different linings. Here is a brief introduction to the use of linings.
1. Under normal circumstances, the non-woven lining does not need to be finished. If there is a woven lining, if the yarn is bent, it should be pulled diagonally to correct it. If the lining cloth is too tight, there will be a situation where the sling is to be slanted. Or cut off the edge of the cloth. If there is a folded part, it should be smoothed by steam jet, and it should not be directly arranged by the iron.
2. When the lining cloth is cut, there is adhesive granule on one side of the lining cloth. When splicing, the adhesive surface should be folded inside. If the lining cloth is used in a large area, the lining paper should be prepared first, and the small lining cloth can be directly cut directly with the fabric pattern. Such as bag covers, collars, shackles, etc.
3. After lining the cloth, pay attention to the following conditions, it is necessary to adjust in time: check whether the feel, elasticity and hardness of the cloth after bonding are suitable, whether the thickness of the lining cloth matches the fabric; check whether the cloth is discolored after sticking, viscose Whether the granules seep out the surface cloth, whether the style of the fabric changes, whether the temperature of the ironing is suitable; whether the fabric is shrunk after checking whether the fabric is shrinked, whether there is bending or lifting, whether the shrinkage rate of the fabric is consistent with the shrinkage rate of the lining; Whether the back lining cloth is peeled off or not, and the pressure of the adhesive lining is appropriate.
The lining of the garment is lining to achieve the effect of inner and outer softness. Using the correct method to use the lining of the garment can also add color to the garment.

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