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  • coat Interlining

    Fusible interlinings used on the coat mainly includes the front body, edges, parts and special parts; the coat fabric is mostly woolen or relatively high-end cotton and linen fabrics, so the front body lining of the coat is the main lining, mainly for shape. Therefore, the use of fusible interlining on the front body should fully consider the compatibility with the fabric; the side parts generally refer to the placket, neckline, cuffs, pockets, etc., using lighter and thinner non-woven fusible interlining.

  • Suit Interlining

    Fusible interlinings for jackets are mainly used at the edge of the jacket, and generally use light and thin non-woven fusible interlinings, such as concealed (front placket, neckline, cuffs, pockets) and bright parts. In the parts of the jacket (such as the collar, cuffs, placket, pocket cover, etc.), it is also necessary to consider the feel and washability of the fusible interlining. For special parts (such as round hem, placket stop, collar Stops, etc.) also need to choose a lining for reinforcement.

  • Skirt Interlining

    Silk fabric is a heat-sensitive material, so the temperature at which the interlining is bonded to the fabric must be considered in the selection of interlining. It is suitable to choose low-temperature fusible interlining, which not only ensures the stiffness and drape of silk garments, but also ensures the good curve and body shape of silk garments.

  • Windbreaker Interlining

    Casual wear is synonymous with relaxed and casual, with "casual" as the main style, and more comfortable materials are used. Interlinings are mostly used locally in casual clothing, and the texture of the material should be kept as much as possible, such as the elegance of silk and the drape of georgette. Therefore, the application of interlining on casual clothes is mainly to give casual clothes a good curve and body shape, enhance the crispness and elasticity of casual clothes, and enhance the three-dimensional feeling.

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