What is the correct way to use clothing lining

Update:22 Sep 2020

Formal apparel fusible interlining fabric suits are tal […]

Formal apparel fusible interlining fabric suits are tall and straight, rigorous, and strong in contour shaping. The choice of fabrics is a bit heavier, and wool, blended, and chemical fiber fabrics are mostly used. In the process of production, a large area is often thickened and shaped with lining cloth to achieve the required modeling effect. Casual wear is relaxed and casual. Most of the fabrics are made of cotton, linen, and silk. In the process of production, try to maintain the texture of the material, such as the elegant silk.


Non-woven Series 5

This type of clothing uses fewer interlinings, most of which are partially used or even not used. Fashion is a kind of clothing that is between formal wear and casual wear, closely following fashion trends. It not only has the silhouette of formal wear, but also has fashionable elements of casual wear. It is more flexible and free in material selection, mainly according to the designer's intention. In the process of production, a small area of lining is often used to achieve the effect of inner stiffness and outer flexibility.


Under normal circumstances, non-woven interlining does not need finishing. If the yarn is bent in the lining, pull diagonally to correct it; if the lining edge is too tight and there is a hanging condition, the lining edge should be cut or cut off; if there is a folded part, just Use steam jet to finish and level, not directly with iron. When the interlining cloth is cut, because there are glue particles on one side of the interlining cloth, the glue surface should be folded inside when cutting.


If the interlining cloth is used in a large area, the interlining cloth pattern must be made first. Small pieces of interlining cloth can be directly cut with the fabric pattern, such as bag covers, collars, and snaps. The three-sided structure is used in men's and women's professional wear, and it has a strong contour structure. This kind of clothing often uses woven interlining to make it stiff, and it is not easy to deform after wearing. The appearance of the diagonal cutting technology is to make full use of the dynamic function and drape of the diagonal silk fabric, which makes the curve of the body to be displayed and full of movement. However, it is easy to deform in the process and affect the overall effect of the finished product. Therefore, we often use tie linings to shape the parts.