What are the two types of shirt collars

Update:16 Mar 2021

The collar is composed of upper and Shirt Interlining l […]

The collar is composed of upper and Shirt Interlining lower parts. Between these two parts is a strong lining that gives the collar rigidity and strength. The two parts are fused together or stitched together. Below, you can see the white lining covering the shirt fabric of the collar before being fused or sewn together. The fusion collar heats the lining and sticks it together through a fixing machine. A stiff, sturdy collar is the first choice for most formal shirts, while a fusion collar provides the best results, making it a popular choice.


In the past, people worried that the melted collar would blister after being worn, but if shirt manufacturers use high-end machines like us, this is not a problem. The collar, which is sewn into the collar in a non-fusion manner, is hand-sewn by a tailor, which is a very precise and detailed process. This is the traditional way of doing things. It can be provided with customized or customized formal shirts. Compared with the fusion collar, it makes its structure more concise, softer and more comfortable. It is also very durable and will not suffer from wear quickly.


For harder collars, some tailors can use thicker linings. Since it takes skill to sew collars, it does increase the cost of custom dress shirts. Therefore, neither of these two styles actually have any obvious advantages. Basically, it depends on your preference. Melting collars are popular because of their strong, crisp collars, which are perfect for workplaces or weddings. Since shirts are pressed by machines, shirt manufacturers are also easier to produce. Hand-stitched collars will definitely take more time and cost more, but the collars are softer and very durable. It also has classic traditional charm.