"Along the way" to promote the construction of textile and other advantages to go out

Update:19 May 2017

"Accompanied by the way" International Cooperation Summ […]

"Accompanied by the way" International Cooperation Summit and the convening of the relevant conference results, has aroused the concern of all sectors of society. May 17, on the significance of this forum and how to better in the "one way along the" framework to carry out foreign economic and trade cooperation, the reporter interviewed the Ministry of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute of a number of experts.

"The summit has three very important historical significance." Vice President of the Ministry of Commerce Zhang Wei said, first of all, the success of the forum and the joint communique issued, marking the "area along the way" initiative by the Chinese vision and Action, rose to the world to promote the cooperation of the blueprint, "This has a milestone milestone."

Secondly, the forum put forward the concept of "peace, prosperity, openness, openness, innovation and civilization". It not only embodies the basic ideas of China's five major development concepts, but also reflects the fact that China has advanced in the past three years. All the way "initiative in the concept of justice, but also shows that China's development values by more countries and the international community widely recognized. Zhang Wei said: "'all the way' initiative rose to 'five way' this new height, highlighting China as a responsible big country of cultural self - confidence.

In addition, the "one way" to the current economic globalization has made a new interpretation. "China is not imposed on the people, while China in the process of continuous output to the international community is the energy, continue to pour a new vitality into the global economy, which is China's economic globalization given Chinese characteristics of the new interpretation of the road. "Zhang Wei said that this demonstrates China as a responsible big country road self-confidence.

How to better carry out foreign economic and trade cooperation under the framework of "one way" In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce Institute of a number of experts expressed their views.

Zhang Guining, director of the Institute of Foreign Investment Cooperation, said that in the process of foreign investment, the communication with the various stakeholders is a very important link, "'going out' of Chinese enterprises must attach great importance to 'all the way' Related party communication ".

Europe and the Eurasian Institute deputy director Liu Huachen that more than three years, "along the way" in the Eurasian region has made remarkable high-profile harvest. To build a "all the way" in the Eurasian region to achieve full coverage, Eurasia region a total of 12 countries are in various forms to participate in the "one way along the" cooperation, "which in the 'area along the way' involved The region is unique. "

Industry Internationalization Strategy Institute, deputy director of Qixin said that according to the "one side of the road" trade smooth cooperation initiative, in the industry should promote the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, light industry, textile industry capacity to go out to achieve international production cooperation benign Interactive, equipment, technology, standards and service output, integration of resources to promote the construction machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding, marine engineering, equipment manufacturing to the international market to ensure that international production capacity projects meet green environmental requirements. "To prohibit poor quality, inefficient, polluting capacity to go out, eliminate backward production capacity equipment."

Zhang Jianping, director of the Institute of West Asia and Africa, said that the forum proposed that China will hold an import trade fair in 2018, which is an integral part of a comprehensive "one way" construction process to achieve a virtuous circle. The future of the exposition is not only a platform for promoting trade signings, but also a platform for effective trade policy communication. "Only the links involved in the import, such as logistics, commerce, customs, customs duties, value - added tax and so on with the 'all the way' national docking better, better coordination, we can come up with the efficiency of imports, import can effectively promote.

Li Jun, deputy director of the Institute of International Trade in Services, said that we should pay more attention to the status of "trade in the way of" international cooperation, and increase the value-added in the relevant areas of cooperation, extend the industrial chain and provide the " New kinetic energy.

Yao Ling, deputy director of the European and Eurasia Institute, believes that China and the EU as an important entity at the "one side" should continue to strengthen the leadership of high-level visits to lead the role, relying on multi-bilateral mechanism platform to deepen China " And the EU's development strategy docking, accelerate the Sino-EU investment agreement negotiation system to promote the proper settlement of bilateral economic and trade cooperation in the hot and difficult issues, bilateral economic and trade cooperation to create a favorable atmosphere of public opinion.