Back in spring we suggested five various khaki suits

Update:11 Apr 2018

Back in spring we suggested five various khaki suits fo […]

Back in spring we suggested five various khaki suits for you to try out—and for good reason. It's the most versatile of humidity-busting ensembles for men, and it's appropriate everywhere, from the workplace to whatever it is you're doing after hours. Just remember: The dressiness level depends on the shade and weight of the cotton. In general, the lighter in color it is,the more dress-up possibilities, and the darker, the more casual.

Dissecting the Look: Here, looks equal parts relaxed and polished, thanks to the cotton pocket square. The outfit gives a sense of,Look, I know I could have worn a tie here, but I am choosing not to." Also, notice that in all the looks, is sockless—or at least looks as if he is—he actually has on no-show shoe liners so he can bare his ankles freely and control unwanted sweating.

There's a falsehood in men's style that arms are like legs—meaning, if you're showing them, you're definitely dressed down. And while I remain firm that you should probably steer clear of leg baring in any context other than a Saturday morning coffee run,I do think you can show a little arm and look dressed up. Start by rolling your sleeves up to just below the elbow, get comfortable, and go from there.

Dissecting the Look: This look can easily replace a classic shirt, tie, and trouser combination for three reasons.The shirt is perfectly fitted.The invisible buttons lend a clean, toned-down look.Not wearing a tie but buttoning your collar button—we call this "air tie"—makes you look more reserved and put-together. It's not just for nerds any more. A little roll of the sleeve is a nice added touch; just don't make it too tight or high.

Look, a fitted suit is inherently cleaner and more flattering, but sometimes the occasion calls for a little more room around you for air to circulate. If you do decide to pick up a new, roomier suit option—start with the material. Stay away from man-made fibers, such as polyester, and make sure your wares are cotton only. Look for twill, poplin, madras, or seersucker. And always choose an unlined suit, or half-lined.  

Dissecting the Look: The crew-neck shirt here on is actually a tank top. Smart. But the key to pulling that off is to commit to not taking your blazer off. Like, ever. The other thing is to look for a blazer with soft, natural shoulders and a higher armhole—like this option by on—for better, unrestricted movement.

Every man should own a great, gray suit—but the thing about a gray suit, especially the lighter ones, is it can actually show off sweat. Nonetheless, if your gray suit is your best suit, and not wearing it for three months out of the year is not an option, then you have to style around it to pull it off.

Or you could just wear a darker suit. Despite the conventional belief that you shouldn't wear dark colors when the temperature rises, the darker colors—blue, charcoal—are actually better at disguising any unwanted perspiration.