Clothing lining selection essentials

Update:15 Feb 2019

The lining between the fabric and the bone of the garme […]

The lining between the fabric and the bone of the garment is between the lining materials. Let us look at the lining: it is good for clothing style, stereotype, conformal; enhance the crispness and elasticity of the garment; improve the drape and comfort of the fabric The reinforcement of a particular part of the garment, if the style, fabric or other clothing external appearance of a garment's appearance or style, no doubt, with the "bone" so profound words to describe the clothing lining is very suitable. The same reason : Faces of different styles should be suitable for its bones, and the choice of lining is also a big problem.
We must first understand the fabric structure, fiber content and processing conditions, finishing fabric lining and bonding conditions with special attention to choice. It should be used in the fabric of the owner before the high-pressure thermochromic piezochromic test. The heat shrinkage and shrinkage of the fabric were mastered during the bonding process. Then there are different garment processing and surface linings according to different regions. For example, the choice of polyethylene (PE) coating adhesion for shirts and shirts is characterized by superior performance and a bright style. You can make main linings, secondary linings, cuffs and openings.
The choice of field type for silicone oil finishing fabrics for better adhesion. The outer casing should be coated with a polyamide (PA) coating, and the right variety should be selected according to the thickness of men, women and fabrics, suitable for large body, collar and flap parts. Clothing, silk garments can be fashioned with PA or PES (polyester), which can be used for soft-light garments and to maintain hanging style features. The last factor is the combination of lining color and fabric, especially for thin variegated fabric companies to choose the right color contrast. There is no big difference in the compatibility of the heat shrinkage lining with the fabric. The quality of the lining coating, the coating glue is seamless, no powder.
Welding equipment: generally used in the drum type continuous extruder of the shirt stick, grasp the machine temperature, time, pressure and actual temperature, time, pressure difference, in order to accurately adjust the process parameters. The upper and lower strips should be kept clean and should not be present on the cable head and other debris. Before pressing the conditions, the pressure required for mass production, the thermal conditions are preferred to determine the optimum conditions; the lining presses the rubber, if the rubber particles and the lining are evenly distributed, then press the appropriate conditions, or the thermal conditions that need to be changed The pressure and test; the flat surface of the adhesive, no foam, transparent plastic, bonding strength; adhesive, washing test, dry cleaning, clothing washing performance requirements; adhesion can show the style and characteristics of the clothing.

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