Garment Interlining: How to Increase Its Market Value

Update:29 Dec 2018

The standard system of garment lining has reached a cer […]

The standard system of garment lining has reached a certain scale so far. The implementation of this standard system has played a very positive role in the production of lining, quality improvement and trade exchange.

  How to improve the market value of the lining, mainly from the following aspects:

 1. Establish a complete set of testing standards and industry system. The lining manufacturing enterprise must establish a complete set of quality control systems and inspection standards that are in line with the actual production of the company, and strictly control all links and batches of product production. Detection.

2. Increase product innovation, improve the innovative ability of new materials. The requirements of traditional linings increase the stiffness of the garments to maintain the shape and washability of the garments. The development trend of new linings is to continuously innovate in design. In the styling, we must keep pace with the times, and we must diversify in the matching; the lining products of the new era must have green environmental protection and functionality, high-tech products with double-sided adhesive interlining, with two-sided bonding, numerous meshes, and melting point on both sides. Different characteristics apply to the bonding of special fabrics and leather.

3. The quality of the lining raw materials to improve the raw materials directly affect the market value of the lining cloth, the market is mostly unqualified linings are due to raw materials, the quality is not enough, the impact will be the real clothing brand; therefore, can no longer Simply pay attention to the practicality of the lining, it must be picked up from the source and picked up from the raw materials.

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