How high-end interlinings keep pace with the times

Update:08 Dec 2020

As representative of the new Interlining in China, fusi […]

As representative of the new Interlining in China, fusible interlining develops more than 20 years. Fusible interlining meet with the performance of “simplify the process, improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve the class”. As the advantages of adhesive lining over traditional interlining cloth, it is gradually recognized by garment industry, apparel interface materials are becoming more and more popular and developing rapidly.


plain dyed brushed twill cotton spandex fabric for trousers


At the beginning of 1980s, some insightful people introduced foreign scatter powder technology, dot powder point coating and circular mesh powder technology. The scatter powder interfacing fabric and dot interlining became the leader at that time.In the new century, China’s interlining industry has adjusted the direction of development in time, and turned to the relatively new and higher technology of double-point coating technology as a breakthrough.


The thin, soft and straight double-point adhesive lining for suits was developed, as well as improved weaving and finishing technology of base fabric.Contemporary “high-end interlining” should have three characteristics: high performance, green ecological standard and excellent function.


Its basic features are good quality, good performance, high technical content and become popular clothing users brand. Our technology is still too low compared with the international advanced level. In order to advance from a big manufacturer to powerful manufacturer, it is necessary for us to understand and develop high-grade interlinings.