How to bond the fusible cotton interfacing with cloth

Update:20 Jan 2021

Ironing position Knitted Interlining should be graduall […]

Ironing position Knitted Interlining should be gradually spread from the middle to the edge around the way. Before that can not adopt the method of sliding, which should be step by step pressing. After iron on, you can move until the cloth and the lining fabric are cooled before proceeding to the next step.Because the cotton layer is thicker, the heat transfer will be hindered. Put the interfacing fabric under the cloth to press with iron will be better. For some auxiliary cotton without a seam smaller than cloth around a circle, as it is difficult to aim at position, we could start turning and let auxiliary cotton to be slightly adhesive, then turn it over and iron to be bonding formally.


Double Dot Non Woven Fusible Interlining Fabric


Should use steam or not? This is a controversial issue. In fact, some adhesive lining is easier to adhere under certain humidity conditions, the fusible interlining with dotted coating used steam usually, so does double sided fusible interfacing.If you have no confidence in your own method of adhesion, you can use some edges or pieces to test. If the bonding effect is not strong, it is caused by too low temperature or too little pressure and too short time. If the fabric is bubbling, in addition to these reasons, maybe there is a gap when ironing.


The chest mat is mainly used for the front chest clip lining of the suit, coat and other clothing, so that the clothing can obtain good drape, three-dimensional feeling, elasticity and straightness, fullness, graceful outline and shape preservation.In the past, the use of textiles including hemp, black carbon lining, and horsetail lining made the chest pads. After the birth of non woven fabric, the nonwovens was applied to make the chest pads. The application of acupuncture technique makes non woven breast pads more colorful in specifications and performance.The undercollar interlining used as the lining of the collar for the back of the garment.


It replace of the fabric and thin lining to make the collar good elasticity, soft, no deformation after washing.Shoulder pads is applicable for men and women’s coats, such as suits, jackets and shirts. The diversification and individuation of modern clothing make shoulder pads has variety, different grade and wide range of usage.Sleeve pads is composed of needle punched cotton and black carbon lining or stitched polyester and cotton strip. It is widely used for coat, uniform and other clothing of the sleeve and shoulder area to play the backing action.What should you do if the interlining fused in the wrong place? You can heat it with the iron and peel it off while it is hot.