How to Choose Suitable Clothing Woven Interlining

Update:21 Dec 2017

The role of clothing Woven Interlining and the essentia […]

The role of clothing Woven Interlining and the essentials Clothing interlining is between the fabric and the lining of the material, which is the skeleton of clothing. Therefore, fashion designers attach great importance to the choice of clothing lining. Next, let us briefly talk about the role of clothing interlining and the essentials of their choice.

Clothing lining is conducive to the shape of the garment, styling, conformality; enhance clothing rigidity, flexibility; improve fabric drape and comfort; give clothing reinforcement of specific parts. If the style, fabric and other clothing external performance is the appearance of a garment or style, no doubt with the so-called "skeleton" words to describe the lining of clothing is appropriate. The same token: different styles of natural faces have its own bones, clothing lining choice is also a big problem.

The choice of clothing woven interlining To understand the organizational structure of the fabric, fiber composition and finishing conditions, with particular attention to the finishing fabric lining selection and bonding conditions. To master the discoloration of the fabric when pressed at high temperature, press the discoloration test before application. Grasp the fabric in the bonding process of shrinkage and shrinkage.

According to the processing of clothing and lining the different parts of the lining of different choice of clothing woven interlining. Such as men's and women's shirts use polyethylene (PE) coated adhesive lined lining, which is characterized by excellent wash resistance, modeling crisp, do the main lining, lining, cuffs, placket. Organic silicone finishing fabric field selection, bonding better. Outer clothing should use polyamide (PA) coating coat lining, according to the men, women and fabric thin choose the appropriate species, suitable for big body, collar, bag cover and other parts. Fashion, Silk Clothing Available in PA or PES (polyester) -coated fashion linings that give the garment a soft, soft, dangling style.

The final consideration is the lining of the color and fabric match, especially the thin variegated fabrics to choose the appropriate color liner. Clothing lining thermal shrinkage and fabric compatibility, requires no major differences. Clothing lining coating quality, coating glue points required full, no leakage, no powder.