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How to Use Fusible Lining

Fusible Lining is used to make an area of fabric more rigid, for example shirt collars or waistbands. It’s also often used for repairing clothing and is a great addition to garments that need extra strength, such as a jacket or coat.
The amount of rigidity and strength the interfacing will provide depends on the type you choose and how it is attached to the fabric. Fusible interfacing is available in a variety of weights. Some are very light and some quite heavy. You can even find some that are designed for a specific fabric. For instance, some are made for a wool fabric and work well with the creases in a coat, whilst others can be used for a polyester or cotton dress.
However, before you start using any interfacing for your garment, it is a good idea to test it. This is so you can see how it reacts to the fabric and if it will be suitable for your project. You should test with a scrap piece of your desired fabric as this will help you to avoid any mistakes and waste of the interfacing.
When you use the fusible interlining it acts like glue and bonds to the fabric through heat. For this reason, it’s important to lay the interfacing with the adhesive side facing down on a flat surface, such as your ironing board. You should then cover it with a cloth to prevent any direct contact with the iron (as this may cause the interfacing to stick to your iron and can be difficult to get off).
Next, place the other side of your chosen fabric over the top of the fusible interlining. It’s important that you match the grain lines of the two fabrics, so ensure they are lined up properly. Then, use the iron to melt the adhesive and fuse the fabrics together. Be sure to press firmly and don’t glide, as this could create unwanted shifting of the layers.
Once you have fused the fabrics together, you can start to stitch them as normal. It’s important to ensure that you use a good quality needle and that your stitches are as neat as possible. Then, you can wear your new garment and show off all of your hard work!
Fusible lining can be a useful addition to any sewing project. It can add more rigidity, strength, and a crisper look to your clothing, as well as helping it to hang better. However, it’s important to remember that you should always select an interfacing that is lighter or equal in weight to the fabric you are working with. Otherwise, you risk creating a stiff and unattractive garment! So, keep these tips in mind the next time you use fusible lining to make your next creation! Happy sewing! Learn to Sew with the MasterClass Annual Membership and get access to exclusive video lessons from top sewing experts.