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What are the functions of adhesive interlining

Adhesive lining is a kind of lining cloth coated with hot melt adhesive, which is one of the commonly used accessories in clothing. After the patch is attached to the cloth surface and heated and pressed, when the cloth surface needs to be crisp and thick, it can be reflected by adding an adhesive lining. Make the garment obtain a satisfactory shape and play the role of a skeleton. With the help of the hardness and elasticity of the interlining, without affecting the feel and style of the fabric, the clothing can be flattened or the desired shape can be achieved. Improves the wrinkle resistance and strength of garments.

Special Stitch Nonwoven Series F
Special Stitch Nonwoven Series F
Product description:
1:This production adopt advanced double dot coating technique.It has a good performance after dry and water washing with low shrinkage.
2:It widely suits for the materials of silk,cotton,polyester cotton,polyester viscose,chemical fibers,woolen etc.
3:It is suitable for the front parts,collar,sleeve,waistband,placket,pocketing and reinforcement parts of jacket,wind coat,overcoat and suits.

The collar, headgear, collar, front placket and front placket of clothing are made of adhesive interlining, which can make the clothing flat and wrinkle-proof. Compared with shirts, the clothing is also more durable due to the extra layer of protection and fixation that sticks to the Interlining. The folding edge of the garment is clear, straight and beautiful, and it plays a role in modifying and beautifying the garment. Clothes are folded up, such as: cuffs, cuffs, cuff forks, hem forks, and hem forks with adhesive lining, which can make the fold lines straighter and clearer.

Keep the shape and size of the clothing structure stable and play a shape-preserving role. The cut garment will inevitably have some parts with curved shapes and inclined silk, such as collar pockets, cuffs, etc., but after using the adhesive interlining, it can ensure the stability of the structure and size of the garment; there are also some parts that are easy to be pulled when wearing. Stretching, such as pockets, buttons, etc., but after using the adhesive interlining, it is not easy to stretch and deform. Thicken the clothes and increase the warmth of the clothes.

It can be seen that the thickness will be increased after being glued on the clothing, which also improves the thermal insulation of the clothing. Improve the processing performance of garments. In the sewing process, because it is not easy to hold tightly, it is difficult to process soft silk and single-sided thin knitted fabrics. The use of adhesive lining can improve the gripping force during sewing.