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What are the outstanding non-woven products

These disposable products are practical and affordable because they are easy to keep soft to the touch, won't damage the tabletop, 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly, beautifully designed, hygienic and affordable. Nonwovens are ideal for enhancing carpet construction as it extends the life of the carpet, protects the integrity of said product, and with proper use and deployment reduces the chance of mold or bacteria buildup. These also make installation easier, help protect wood surfaces, and can also help make repairs more feasible.


Unfortunately, disposable diapers have only been around for a relatively short time. Before they came along, there was no real cloth diaper replacement. Cloth diapers do not absorb much, have unwanted odors and must be washed. While diapers in their earliest forms weren't quite as good, the new designs do change the whole paradigm of how to keep babies fresh, comfortable, dry and clean for as long as possible. Dry floor coverings provide the highest level of performance and convenience.


The Non-woven Lining sheet used is made in the desired thickness, allowing it to conform to almost any surface, trapping dirt, dust and hair more effectively. Nonwovens can help alleviate the energy crisis by providing cost-effective heating-related solutions. Conductive fabrics with special underfill integration can help heat surfaces, whether constructed from tiles, wood, ceiling tiles or wall coverings. In these cases, heating fabrics can replace other heating systems by generating heat through radiation. Interestingly, new developments in nonwovens will create household products that excel at repelling dirt, removing dust mites and providing antimicrobial properties.


Most people have used dryer sheets at least once in their lives. These durable fabrics, usually antistatic, are very thin in construction and can withstand very high temperatures in the dryer. They can also be made to release special softeners and scents gradually and over time as clothes are dried. The most compelling use of nonwovens in medical operating rooms is as the only one-time gown worn by surgeons and their staff during procedures that are often complex and can last for hours. The advantage of these products is their well-documented ability to allow healthcare workers to protest patient fluids and blood; they are also reliably sterile.