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What does the lining do

1. Interlining function:
The interlining is to set off the fabric and improve the performance of the garment, which plays a great role in the beautiful appearance of the garment, and makes the garment have a perfect shape, which can make up for the insufficient performance of the fabric.

2. Interlining
The variety, specifications, characteristics and main quality indicators of the interlining fabric (such as thermal shrinkage, shrinkage in water, washing and dry cleaning performance, peel strength, moisture regain, etc.) The category and range of interlining bonding and pressing conditions are fully understood.

3. Adhesive lining, woven lining, non-woven lining, panel lining, double-sided lining, waist lining, shirt lining, coat lining, fur lining, composite lining, etc. (according to different situations)

4. The production process of interlining: singeing--cold heap--de-cooking and bleaching--drying--stretching-setting--resin coating--baking--coating--packaging inspection