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Why chambray and twill are attractive

When it comes to apparel fabrics, there's nothing more fun than playing around with unique fabric prints and blends, but there's also something to be said for those classic natural fabrics like cotton twill and chambray. I've been experimenting with similar fabrics as I slowly replace my worn-out ready-to-wear with handmade items and have no problem finding what I need in Cali Fabric's impressive selection of apparel fabrics. There is nothing quite like having the perfect pair of black pants in your wardrobe.


Twill is a great base-weight fabric for its durability and comfort, and you'll find plenty of ready-to-wear pants made from it. The iconic logo is the diagonal pattern you see in twill. I fell in love with this black fine-medium weight cotton twill when I took it out of the dryer. The good thing about twill is that it doesn't really wrinkle, any tiny wrinkles you see at first will almost disappear when you put it on.


No one wants to spend time ironing pants! And this particular mid-weight twill gets softer with every wash, which is already my favorite pant.Twill isn't a high-maintenance fabric either, so it could be a good bottom-weight fabric for those considering tackling their first pants. The only changes I made to the sewing machine were to slightly lower the presser foot pressure, put on a 14/90 size general purpose sewing needle, and slightly increase the stitch length.


I also Twill Fabric use a "hump jumper" made of scrap twill for any thicker seams as it helps my sewing machine overcome those uneven thicknesses. Honestly, you might get away with just the needle size, but other things will make the process smoother. Even though the fabric has zero stretch, these chinos are very comfortable, there is no stiffness at all, and I am impressed with the quality.