The Development of Woven Lining

Update:05 Dec 2017

Woven lining is evenly coated with hot melt adhesive on […]

Woven lining is evenly coated with hot melt adhesive on the fabric, made of a garment lining, is the fourth generation after the fabric lining, cloth lining and resin lining products, but also today's apparel linings used The most extensive one, has played the role of modeling and conformal clothing, so that clothing more beautiful, light (relative to the other lining), comfortable, greatly improving the performance of clothing and use value.

Woven interlining fabric quality testing is an important process in the production of bonded interlining fabric, including appearance defects and intrinsic quality of two parts. Intrinsic quality is the key to testing adhesive interlining cloth. There are several main internal quality indexes that apparel needs to test before application: peel strength, dimensional stability and washability. The most important thing is peel strength. Hot melt adhesive particle distribution density, transfer, melt state, the physical and chemical properties of hot-melt adhesives, hot-melt adhesive coating and coating uniformity are the impact of peel strength of the important factors, therefore, hot-melt adhesive particles Traits and adhesive lining closely related to the quality, it must be tested. Through testing can not only play a role in the quality of the product, but also analyze the problems and shortcomings in the actual production, which can greatly improve the production process.

The non-woven adhesive interlining cloth used for garments has the characteristics of light weight, softness, low cost, wide variation range, strong adaptability, non-directional arrangement of fibers, large elasticity and the like, and is easily compatible with various fabrics. Adhesive lining can be used for various types of non-woven fabrics, by changing the process, the type of fiber and the ratio, using a different way of network and fixed network to produce a variety of products to meet the requirements of interlining.