What is a customizable nonwoven fiber

Update:14 Apr 2021

Bicomponent fibers offer an innovative way Non-woven Li […]

Bicomponent fibers offer an innovative way Non-woven Lining to create nonwoven fabric that is essentially customized for a particular application. A bicomponent fiber is made up of two individual components distributed over the full length of a finished fiber. They can be from the same polymer or completely different polymer types.When different polymer types, an entirely new fiber with unique physical or chemical properties can be developed. The blended fiber will have the properties of each original fiber, so specific characteristics can be selected for a particular application.

Growing focus on health and well-being has ushered in increased demand for organic products. It is also important to today’s consumers to purchase environmentally responsible products. At the same time, people have become accustomed to enjoying the convenience of disposable products. So, how can all of these demands be met? Enter all-natural, organic cotton nonwovens.Organic 100% cotton or cotton blend fiber nonwoven fabric offers the advantage of being hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly. Cotton nonwovens also offer desirable characteristics of excellent absorption and release, along with superior comfort and softness.

They are the perfect choice for products like cosmetic wipes, baby diapers, adult incontinence products, hygiene products, cleaning wipes, medical bandages, equine bandages, and more.Just like Henry Ford made it possible for everyday folks to own a car and the Wright brothers to glide from one part of the country to another over 1000 miles away in a matter of hours, nonwovens have revolutionized several industries, now being in hundreds of products which would otherwise be too expensive or not feasible to manufacture at a profit.One of the outstanding qualities of nonwovens is that they can be extremely durable, if that’s what’s needed, or single-use, limited-life fabrics.

Beyond this, nonwovens possess limitlessly versatile qualities like super absorbency, resilience, liquid repellency, stretchability, strength, softness, flame retardancy, cushning, washability, bacterial barriers, filtering and sterility.Able to combine these qualities in innumerable ways, nonwoven manufacturers create products with the unique, specific characteristics requested or needed by a client, usually at a very reasonable price. In spite of all these advantages, many people may not know about nonwovens and, if they do, they probably don’t know what a big, indispensable part of their lives nonwovens are.