What is the difference between clothing lining and interlining

Update:17 Jun 2020

Clothing lining Quilting Lining and lining cloth are th […]

Clothing lining Quilting Lining and lining cloth are the main accessories of clothing. Although lining and lining cloth are derived from textile products, they are not the same thing. It can be said that they are two completely different clothing accessories. Lining is also called lining material. Additional lining fabric inside. Most jackets, coats, suits, raincoats, and jackets are lined; women's skirts can be lined all or only around the hips; pants are usually lined only at the top waistband, and some There are villages from the front of the thigh to the knees.


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The purpose of adding lining to the clothing is multi-faceted: to improve the drape and comfort of the clothing, reduce the generation of creases, improve the feel of the fabric and wear the slippery feeling, reduce the friction with the underwear, make the inner, The outerwear is coordinated, easy to put on and take off, isolate the sweat absorption of the clothing, and improve the sanitary condition; improve the appearance of the interior of the clothing, cover the characteristics of its structure to obtain greater shading and thermal insulation, and prevent the disclosure of thin fabrics.


Most clothing linings are made of synthetic The light colored fabric made of filament yarn is composed of beautiful silk, and it is also made of spun yarn or various types of pile fabrics, so that it has the function of keeping warm and protecting. The weight range of such fabrics is .The main fibers used for lining fabrics are viscose, polyester or their blended varieties. In the apparel industry, the production of medium and high-grade woolen clothing, silk clothing or flocking fillers and garments that require exquisite workmanship generally require sewing.

The so-called lining is also called clip or lining, which is a kind of auxiliary material commonly used in garment production. The function of adding seam lining on the one hand can cover the seam head and lining of the inner layer of the fabric, on the other hand, it can keep the clothing flat and easy to put on and take off. For autumn and winter clothing, the use of lining can increase the warmth and wearing comfort of the clothing.