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What is the difference between interlining and lining

To understand the difference between interlining and Non-woven Lining, we must first understand the concepts of interlining and lining respectively.
What is interlining? Interlining refers to the cloth sewn on the collar, the shoulders of clothes, the cuffs and the inside of the trouser waist. The function of the interlining: it is to set off the fabric, improve the performance of the garment, play a great role in the beautiful appearance of the garment, promote the perfect shape of the garment, and make up for the lack of performance of the fabric. Interlining is the skeleton of clothing, we are commonly known as fusible interlining. The classification of interlining includes: fusible interlining, woven interlining, non-woven interlining, strip interlining, double-sided interlining, trouser waist interlining, shirt interlining, outerwear interlining, fur interlining, composite interlining, etc.

Nylon Nonwoven Interlining Series 8
Nylon nonwoven interlining Series 8
What is lining? Lining is usually used as the inner lining of clothing, also known as lining, lining cloth, etc. The more common lining varieties are: polyester taffeta, Shumei silk, rayon series, chiffon, satin and so on.
Through the above concepts, we can summarize the main differences between lining and interlining: (1) different places of use: interlining is used in collars, shoulders of clothes, cuffs and inside of trouser waist, etc., while interlining is used in clothing lining Inside; (2) Different functions: the image of the interlining is the skeleton of the garment, while the lining is the inner lining of the garment.