What is the role of non-woven fusible interlining

Update:10 Dec 2021

What is non-woven fusible interlining? The role of non- […]

What is non-woven fusible interlining? The role of non-woven fusible interlining; spun fusible interlining is based on non-woven fabric (non-woven fabric), which is more expensive than cloth fusible interlining, but the quality is undoubtedly slightly inferior. Non-woven lining is suitable for some corners, such as opening bags, buttonholes, etc.


When making clothing fabrics, the softness of the fabric affects our operations, which is a difficult point. Of course, sometimes, almost all of our mistakes are caused by such things, so we must prevent them in time.


We won't make any mistakes in the production process, so from this point of view, we The use of Woven Interlining is aimed at such a place, but it also has some effects in another aspect. We know that fusible lining is a kind of lining coated with hot melt adhesive, which is one of the auxiliary materials often used in fabric production.


It can help the clothes show their shape very well. However, in the process of making fabrics or some clothing accessories, some fabrics are very soft and slippery. In fact, we can use a good adhesive interlining to solve this situation. This is indeed A pretty good way is also a common way, but it must be really suitable for this, because most of the time, it is not so easy for us to achieve.