What is the role of non-woven lining

Update:04 Aug 2020

What is Nonwoven Interlining  fusible interlining? The […]

What is Nonwoven Interlining  fusible interlining? The role of non-woven lining, spunbond lining is based on non-woven fabric non-woven fabric. Compared with cloth rubber lining, the price is relatively superior, but the quality is undoubtedly inferior. Non-woven lining is suitable for certain corner positions, such as opening bags, buttonholes, etc. When making clothing fabrics, the softness of the fabric will affect our operations, which is a difficult point.


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Of course, sometimes, almost all of our errors are caused by such reasons, so we must prevent them in time, and there will be no errors in the production process. From this point on, we use adhesive lining in such places, but on the other hand it has other functions. Knowing that we know that adhesive lining is a lining coated with hot melt adhesive, it is one of the auxiliary materials. Often used in fabric production. It helps shape the clothes. However, some fabrics are very soft and smooth during the fabric production process or in the process of making certain clothing.


In fact, we can use a good adhesive lining to solve this situation. This is indeed a very good method and a universal method, but it does need to be applicable, because in most cases, we cannot implement it so easily. The adhesive lining can soften a convenient lining. Other linings do not have this feature. Even if you use other liners or other liners, the effect of adhesive liners cannot be achieved.