What is twill cotton fabric? Which is better for twill cotton and cotton?

Update:02 Nov 2018

The twill cotton fabric is a cotton fabric with two upp […]

The twill cotton fabric is a cotton fabric with two upper twill and 45° left oblique. The front twill pattern is obvious, and the reverse side of the variegated twill is not obvious. The warp and weft counts are close to each other, and the density is slightly higher than the weft density, and the hand feels softer than the khaki. The advantage is that it is easy to keep warm, soft, close-fitting, hygroscopic and breathable. The disadvantage is that it is easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, and the appearance is not very crisp and beautiful, and it must be ironed frequently when wearing.
1. The cloth is that the grain of the cloth is twill, and it is also the process of weaving the fabric upstairs. Cotton cloth, polyester cloth, and polyester cotton cloth can be made into twill.
2. Twill can be woven according to the feel and customer needs. Cotton, polyester (the higher the cotton composition, the higher the cost of the cloth), and the polyester.

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