Content and classification of clothing accessories

Update:22 Dec 2020

Interlining is used in some parts of Plain Fabric cloth […]

Interlining is used in some parts of Plain Fabric clothing to reinforce the components of the garment, such as collar interlining, chest interlining and waist interlining.Pad material mainly includes shoulder pad, chest pad, sleeve pad and collar pad. Cushion material mainly corrects the human body shape defect and molds the clothing modelling.Lining material is the most inner layer of garment, usually called lining fabric or inner lining, is used to cover parts or all of the clothing fabrics.


plain dyed brushed twill cotton spandex fabric for trousers


Wadding material also known as filling materials between the fabric and lining. It endows the clothing with heat preservation, shape preservation and other special functions.Thread material refers to the yarn used for stitching the garment pieces and connecting various parts. Sewing thread can play a role in strengthening clothing.Fastening materials are used as accessories for connection and decoration, just like button, zippers, hooks, nylon buckle and straps.A trademark is a visual mark used by a commodity producer, operator or service provider in order to show oneself, distinguish others, and use in his own commodity or service provider.


Decorative accessories has adornment effect on clothing, including lace, belt, tassels, patches, beads, water diamonds, embroidered pieces.Clothing is a complex project, including clothing design, clothing structure and clothing production, the production process is divided into different links, the premise of design and production is the selection of materials. Clothing materials are divided into fabrics and accessories. Fabric is the main part of clothing.


In addition to fabrics, other materials used in clothing, collectively known as apparel accessories, are an essential part of decoration and expansion of clothing functions.Modern clothing pays special attention to the role of accessories and their coordination with fabrics, accessories on the impact of modern clothing is becoming more and more large, it can not be underestimated and ignored as an important component.Although accessories belong to the details of clothing products, the details can often determine the fate of a clothing product. For the good and bad quality of a garment product, accessories often play a great role, sometimes even more than the role of the fabric itself. It can be said that although the auxiliary material is small, once its quality is not qualified, affected by the whole clothing products, and even the whole clothing brand.